The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Into the Sunset (probably)
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Herb Jeffries, 'The Bronze Buckaroo' and cowboy crooner, has died. So it totally depends on the source, but he was somewhere between 100-111 years old; he was born in Detroit, or maybe Chicago. He was African-American, Sicilian-American, Irish-Sicilian, 'part Ethiopian' or something else. He grew up with both parents and a younger brother, or his father died before he was born and he was raised in the boardinghouse his mother owned --- or was it a bordello? He was married either four or five times, including once to exotic dancer Tempest Storm. He is survived by at least three daughters and two sons. Herb Jeffries was a jazz singer with both Duke Ellington's and Earl "Fatha" Hines' bands, the first black 'cowboy crooner' on so-called 'Negro Circuit' films (including starring with Mantan Moreland in Harlem on the Prairie), a 'luscious' tenor and/or a 'smooth, warm' baritone, and the owner of jazz nightclubs in Paris and the south of France.
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Good stuff in the NYT obit as well, including this quote from Jeffries:

‘I just knew that my life would be more interesting as a black guy. If I’d chosen to live my life passing as white, I’d have never been able to sing with Duke Ellington.’

Here's the original recording of his "Flamingo" with the Ellington Orchestra. It's gorgeous.
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Also known as Buckaroo Bronzai.
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The NPR coverage is worth listening to, as it features a lively interview with a guy who was Jefferies' friend for the last 70 years, celebrity biographer Raymond Strait.

("For the last 70 years, Raymond Strait counted Jeffries among his friends and worked with him on his memoir." I assume that means that they were friends for 70 years and recently collaborated on his memoirs, not that they worked on the book for seven decades. But who knows!)
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RIP Mr Jeffries.
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