Meet Scott Boras, the superagent who scored the Nats their top talent
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Baseball’s Best Lobbyist

New Yorker, 2007: The Extortionist - Scott Boras, the Yankees’ bête noire, has changed baseball forever.
Scott Boras has season tickets to see the Dodgers, the Angels, the Padres, the Giants, and the A’s—a full California sweep. In Los Angeles and Anaheim, he also maintains luxury boxes, but, for the most part, wherever he goes he sits, or sometimes stands, in one of the first few rows directly in back of home plate, cell phone at his ear. Boras represents baseball players—among them the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod), the top-grossing athlete in team sports, Barry Zito, the beneficiary of the largest pitching contract ever signed, and the Mets’ Carlos Beltran. Before a game, players will tend to approach the backstop and, in Boras’s telling, thank him for the work he does on their behalf. They needn’t even be his clients. (Ballplayers are firm believers in trickle-down economics.)
Esquire, 2009: Alex Rodriguez: Jackpot!
Scott Freakin' Boras, the Most Hated Man in Baseball, the heartless bastard hell-bent on destroying our National Pastime, the keen-eyed pimp of ball-hogging, bat-whipping, splitter-hurling youth -- he walks among us, here in the lobby of the elephantine Wyndham Anatole Hotel in Dallas, during the long December weekend of the game's annual winter meetings, in his blue sweater-vest, blue denim shirt, and jeans, his cloven hooves hidden in soft brown shoes, toting a tan leather satchel as battered as Yogi's old catcher's mitt.
NY Daily News, 2013: The days of Scott Boras negotiating mega-contracts for Major League Baseball stars may be over with new free agency rules
Baseball's fascinating new rivalry - "The agent battle between Scott Boras and Jay Z is definitely one to watch"
Jay Z Got Scott Boras To Fall For The Oldest Trick In Rap's Book, after helping the Mariners get Robinson Cano.
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As a Nats fan this story is depressing.
posted by humanfont at 6:50 PM on May 27, 2014

In Red Sox nation, we pronounce it Bore-ass.
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We got over Johnny Damon right quick but Jacoby Ellsbury--that was rude of Bore-ass. I wanted the guy to get paid a lot of money but look where he had to go to get it.
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The Washingtonian article makes a decent point: He may want to rob teams of their money, but he does the homework and provides the support to try and make sure his deals deliver wins too.

Either way, Go Nats
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Huge Nats fan here, and still wondering why all the talent we have has them as a sub-.500 team. And it's not just because a lot of starters are injured.
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