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Doodal is a freehand fractal doodling program that runs in your browser.
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Note that not all the controls are immediately obvious, so reading the instructions below the canvas is very helpful. In particular, "if your picture turns into a blob, paint over it with a coloured wash to show more structure".

Doodal was made by Neil Thapen (@pishtaq).
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Looks awesome from the video. Can't use it on my phone, though...maybe there'll be an app soon.
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Wow! As someone who remembers being blown away by my mid-90's PC's ability to slowly render blocky Mandlebrot views, it seems like it should be, well, nearly impossible to do something like this at all -- especially in a freaking web browser, for crying out loud.
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Yeee Haaaa
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I don't think it's a Mandlebrot set, like from 90s lore. Looks more like mirroring trickery to give the appearance of a fractal (though I guess that's what a fractal is).
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These look more like Iterated Function System fractals...still very cool.
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The youtube video makes it seem so intuitive, but I'm finding that I don't have as great a grasp on fractals as I thought I did. Still, it's super fun.
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If you're finding this frustrating, Silk gives you quick beauty, though the images it produces are only symmetrical (under isometries), not self-similar (under dilations) like fractals.
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ahh I love fractals! Thanks for posting this
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So I've watched the video several times, how does he mirror the frame? Resize and rotate are obvious, but I can't figure out mirror.
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Shift+click on an edge to flip it with its opposite edge. The little square in the corner helps you keep track of orientation.
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