I wasn't referring to you specifically, Mother.
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Danziggy - unfunny comics about the foibles of a diminutive Glen Danzig.
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It's certainly no Nietzsche Family Circle or Garfield Without Garfield, but it's a fun read. Certainly you need to be almost intimately familiar with the Danzig catalog (especially the Misfits) in order to get most of these. I like that Danzig has become such a part of common culture, that melding him with Ziggy doesn't seem like such a far-fetched idea. In fact, it seems almost downright pedestrian when compared to the premise of Henry & Glenn Forever.
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I know nothing about Danzig or Ziggy. Yeah, I was completely lost.
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Yeah, if you're not very familiar with the Misfits and at least somewhat with Danzig/Samhain, this is going to be completely incoherent and baffling.

Not that I'm complaining, mind...
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I laughed at the Chez Braineaters one.
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Is there any way we can get the blood to run UP the walls?
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The eggos one was funny. Also, autocorrect turned eggos into "ethos."
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I loved the Whoa-O's cereal in the Where Eagles Dare one.
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Poor Danziggy just can't catch a break: "I turned into a marsh and I can't even restart my car."

The Whoa-O's is the best part. I should be doing laundry but I think designing a mock-up of a fake cereal box will be a better use of my time.
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So this is basically about saying, "Hey, I recognize that lyric!"?
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Oh man. I've actually said that while doing the same thing and thought myself rather clever.
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