Mass Bolero.
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Mass Bolero. "This short film, Mass Bolero, is a mass participation project made in the spring of 2014 by the people of Nottingham in tribute to Torvill and Dean." [via]
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As soon as I saw the MeFi post, the tune started running in my head...
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See, Bolero to me is Bo Derek in '10'.
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This is utterly wonderful and is one of the many reasons why I have developed quite a fondness for this unassuming, often overlooked city.
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This made my day.
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I lost count of the number of locations. Nary a hipster in sight. Totally brilliant! (And worth the earworm.)
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That was just lovely.
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Marvelous. Great way to start they day. Now I want to visit Nottingham.
The soccer (sorry, football) players at 2:48 totally cracked me up. I didn't realize that was Torvill and Dean themselves in cameos at the train station until I saw the credits.
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Somehow, going "I've been there!" means nothing when, y'know, you actually live there.

I'm a bit disappointed they didn't include construction workers on the tramworks dancing. The local news shitstorm would have been glorious.
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Surprisingly moving and quite delightful!
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Bolero to me is Albert Brooks in his sadly forgotten album "A Star Is Bought", dedicated (and explained in narration) as a naked ploy to get airplay on every radio format, and for Classical stations, he wrote and sang some embarrassingly 'sexy' lyrics to the iconic melody. It's one thing to have the song stuck in your head, something else to have the words "Can we do it on the couch, or should we do it on the floor..." attached.
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I dislike very much when people exaggerate, but speaking as a T & D fan from way back in the day - this is probably the best thing ever on the internet.
One year when they were in Stars on Ice there was a group number in the middle of which all the skaters momentarily hilariously did a bit of the Bolero. It's such an iconic program.
Also . for the 6.0 system.
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Hey, I live there! Those are rugby players, I believe.

I know one of the roller derby women!

That was cool. Thanks for posting it.
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Fantastic job Nottingham. A Leicester fan salutes you.
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Well, that was the best way to begin the weekend ever.

Clearly Nottingham is a lovely place full of delightful people, and now I am wishing I lived there too. Well done.
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Nice cameo from Wayne Manor as well.

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Late to the party but just wanted to say, I'm in it! I'm one of the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots roller derby skaters. (and yes, those are Rugby players not footballers)
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