“The City is the equivalent of Venice in the middle ages,”
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An outsiders guide to the City of London.
Also of interest from the Guardian is the Joris Luyendijk banking blog which includes a ten best quotes from financial insiders and a helpful guide for novices.
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I read about a third of the way through and had to stop because most of it was about bankers hating the Guardian. I feel like every Guardian article of late is more about what people think about the paper than the subject which is a shame since it's not like we have many quality alternatives in the UK.
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Yeah, the bit about the Justin hating The Guardian isn't great, but it sets him up for comparison with the book group people, who don't.
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Luyendijk previously

The guy in that first piece is massively understating the role of the UK in the City. Its a very very meaningful proportion of revenues. Just not in some businesses. This guy clearly banks something EM-y so its clear why he has arrived at that conclusion.
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“Can you have global finance without global government? And if you don't want global government, what do you do about global finance?”

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Its really not mostly about bankers hating the Guardian. You should have read through.

By coincidence, I just finished reading this long article on a bus ride, and had thought to myself that I'm glad for the Guardian existing, and thinking to do a long, state-of-the-nation overview on the topic, as UK press is short on alternatives to fawning or heckling quick take headline pieces on the subject, which deserves so much more, including the important view of this article that the City now encompasses many vast worlds within worlds that can't really be seen as one entity. More like this please
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