The search for psychology's lost boy
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"He pictured sitting down with Albert—who would have been in his 80s when Beck started searching for him—and watching the Little Albert video together."

Little Albert previously on MeFi
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Very interesting read. Thanks.
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Well that's a relief. The original thread really stressed me out.
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Man do I feel like a fool, thinking for a split second that the Beck mentioned in the post was Beck 'Where It's At' Hansen, due to his entanglement in Scientology and that institution's well-known issues with psychology.
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Wow I just read the wikipedia article on Watson and he sounds like a real dick. But still sounds like an interesting guy to argue with at a party.

He burned all his private papers and notes before he died. Odd.
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The resistance of Beck et al. to the new information is... well, it's psychologically interesting. There are many discrepancies between their hypothesis and Little Albert, but the only thing they have to hold up against the new William Albert Barger hypothesis is that they overlooked it themselves.
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(Also, I'm surprised to learn that Grant MacEwan Community College is now MacEwan University.)
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It's also pretty interesting how a simple three word Google search led to a very different answer.

It's almost as if Beck didn't want to find the other answer that may have disagreed with his hypothesis...
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