Al Qaeda as death cult.
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Al Qaeda as death cult. From The Monde Diplomatique: "Al-Qaida has been thought of as a global or national political movement, or representative of an entire religion. It isn't. It's just another of the many death-obsessed sectarian movements to emerge in the past 20 years."

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talos: Thanks for posting a link to this interesting article. How the world's nations are to deal with extra-national terrorism is the question of the day.

(I am puzzled that the author is described simply as "Civil servant, Paris." Knowing he is "Special Advisor, Minister of Defense, France" would add more authority to his opinion. Not a conspiracy theory, just curiosity.)
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Bin Laden condemned the US as "the modern world's symbol of paganism". This mixture of theology and anti-globalisation mirrors the deep schizophrenia of Saudi society, which enjoys abroad what it will not allow at home. At the same time it considers anywhere else, particularly the US, hell. Yet that inferno is much like paradise, since wine and women will greet the martyr, according to the notebook in Atta's bag.

Aint it the truth though...
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another thumbs up for an excellent post!

what is going on in minot? i can't find anything on the web...
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