Snapping Up Funny Cat Pics For Yourself
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Taking Funny Cat Pics For Yourself Here today, we will be providing some insider tips on snapping up funny cat pics for yourself at home. I know many of you at home have cats which do hilarious things, however when it comes to you taking a picture of it, the image either comes out blurry, you missed the shot or the picture just doesn't do the hilarious scene justice, leaving you with an amateur looking photo which really isn't that good quality or "going viral" material.

The first insider tip i will present you today is to take care of your shutter speed; this is one of the first and most vital elements to snapping up funny cat pics for yourself.
You need a high shutter speed, thus allowing more movement from the cat or yourself, with less chance of blur.
The faster the shutter speed, the quicker the photograph is taken. Hence why you should maintain a high shutter speed to prevent yourself missing a perfect opportunity! Many times I have taken a photo of my cat without changing the settings back to "cat mode".

This brings me to my second point; keep your settings preset to stop yourself fiddling around with the settings when you have some seriously funny scenario playing out in front of you! Most of the funniest cat pictures will happen when you least expect it. Preparation and patience makes for the perfect picture. One without the other will not get you very far.

The third point that I would like to tell you is to keep the flash off! This is key because nine times out of ten, the cat will flinch, jump and run leaving you with an annoyed kitty and a messed up photo.

The fourth tip is to buy your little kitty different toys and treats. This works in two ways. The first is to make them happy, an excited cat is a lot more fun than a miserable one! Happy cats are more energetic and curious. They love to jump and run, pull funny faces and act in their usual unpredictable nature, leading to more funny cat pics.
Treats will give an incentive for them to help you! As you may suspect already, they know exactly what you are trying to do and it is up to them to comply or make your job very hard indeed. Treats are a way to make them move where you want them to, or act as you want them to. An incentive is a powerful form of leverage on your behalf.

The fifth tip is to take them outside. Due to the no flash policy, your photos will be more vibrant in the natural light, leading to a better quality and appealing photograph. The outside makes for some perfect opportunities, many “props” including trees and random items in your garden. Animals are more playful when they are on mother earth, walking around.

The sixth thing for you to think about is being creative with your angles; try out a vast array of original angles and ideas to put your snaps ahead of the rest. There is an endless stream of funny cat pics online, therefore you need to be original and do what you think is best. Try getting down on the floor as well, try to be the cat, therefore plan what you think would make for the best image. Get high near the ceiling, stand on a chair. This may spark your cat’s curiosity, leading them to try to reach the ceiling as well.

The seventh tip is the exposure; if you can, try to have it SLIGHTLY over. The reason for this is because the fur absorbs some of the lighting, therefore it helps to balance the picture and improving the picture overall. I learned this little trick whilst taking a picture of my cat molly, lovely white, fluffy and long hair which did not come out too well on photos. I changed the exposure, increasing it a little bit, and voila! I came to the conclusion that the fur absorbs some of the lighting. This tip has given me many funny cat pics.
The eighth and final tip is to keep a camera in the house when you’re not home. This will help to video what your cat does when you’re not around, you will be surprised! It is hilarious and interesting, which may give you some footage which will be the next “gangnam style” of YouTube. Some cat videos have millions upon millions of views, purely from this tip alone.

Now you have most of the insider tips, make sure you use them carefully because with great power comes great responsibility! Firstly, treat your cat with love and care. This is the most powerful trick to getting the perfect picture. With these procedures all combined, you will be sure to take the perfect funny cat pics for yourself.
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