You trust your eye and cannot help but bare your soul
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Inge Morath was invited by Robert Capa to become one of the first female members of Magnum and is perhaps best known for her stills in 1960 on the set of The Misfits.
High quality reportage photography, where she met Arthur Miller who was to become her husband.
Not so well known is the conceptual Masks series with Saul Steinberg shot over several years.
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Oh wow---I've loved the Masks book for years, but had no idea about the rest of her history! Thanks!
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All the Misfits photos are "© The Inge Morath", I assume that's a truncation of something, and not that she actually called herself "The Inge Morath". Although that'd be pretty badass.
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I got the Masquerade book somewhere too, on sale, years ago. Lots of fun.

p.s. “The Inge Morath” is indeed truncated; it’s supposed to be “The Inge Morath Foundation.”
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