An "enthusiastic amateur astrologer"
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An "enthusiastic amateur astrologer" lays out the case for teaching astrology, a "hard science", in the public schools. Judging from the article, he doesn't quite understand the difference between "astronomy" and "astrology".
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Wait... hold on... I'm picking up something... I'm sensing... a pattern!

This one really isn't very good, by the way.
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Wow. Congratulations to the hosts of Adequacy for attracting and uniting the most tortured souls on the planet.

"...It's time we turned our nation around. So, the next time your child is screaming incessantly, spank them hard and love them good."

Glory to the underdog! Yeah!
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Quixoticlife, that write up has to be a put on.
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You know this is a joke, right?
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Adequacy is a troll haven, you do realize this, don't you?
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Must be a troll, entropy. No amateur astronomer would ever refer to himself as an astrologer.

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I don't care what the link had to say, I got a great tagline from the comments at the bottom.

"Don't eat pencils or multiple dogs".
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Astro = star

-ology = study

Therefore, astrology is the study of stars.

Onomotopaeia - words that sound like what they are, like buzzzzz, or baaaa.

Therefore astronomy is the study of stars with names like they sound, like Betelgeuse or Yahoo Sirius.

I hope that settles the argument.
posted by greasepig at 12:20 AM on January 19, 2002

Maybe along with their moment of silence each morning the kids can work in a little tarot card reading. Later on, school run and student staffed psychic hot lines could be established with a portion of the proceeds supporting education. Of course conservatives would get in an uproar because astrology isn’t specifically Christian oriented – so school boards would have to find a way to tip toe around that issue. And members from the left would want it to be taught along side other world superstitions – such as reading entrails and water dousing.
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