Philadelphia's Cats in Windows
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Interesting idea, though somehow it feels like a privacy violation.
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It's definitely the season for window kitties.

I will totally talk to your window kitty. I will stand outside your house and talk to your cat in a funny voice.
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This is a great idea. I have friendly, outdoor cats within walking distance of my home, and have planned walking routes in order to visit them; luckily when I've been petting them and their owner happens to pop out of their house, they've been really cool about it.
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I assume everyone else is able to actually see pictures of the cats? But I sure can't - I just see the icons and addresses. That might be useful if I were in Philly, but I'm not, so I can't look at any cats.

This is very upsetting. Maybe I should just get cats.
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This reminds me of a previous MeFi thread wherein I randomly happened upon this Google Street View image of a cat poking its head out of a doggy door.
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Ah, I see they haven't had the pleasure of seeing the special little guy that lounges on a kitty cat sized chaise lounge at 10th and Carpenter.
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I once rented a room from someone based on the fact that their apartment had a visible cat in the window upon Google Street View.
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I need this for all the towns. Also, I wanted to see photo evidence of these alleged window-cats. Without said evidence, it might as well be a map of Bigfoot sightings.
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I'm just sayin'. This is a godsend to someone who loves cats, but can't keep them due to allergy issues.
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My cat used to be a cat in the window. She still is, but I live on the 4th floor now, so only the birds can see her. But at my old apartment I once arrived home to find a man dressed to the nines in full business attire standing on the sidewalk, dancing around like a fool while my cat danced madly with him inside my bay window. Cat lovers can't help themselves sometimes.
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"A Walking Map of PhiladelphiaOld City/South Philly's Cats in Windows"
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No matter where I have lived, when I walk, I take note of the homes with kitties in the windows or yards. Eventually I give them nicknames I can remember them by, like the portly yet regal black and white cat across the way whom we call Chester A. Arthur (as he does bear a striking resemblance to America's 21st President), or his constant companion, a ginger tom who deserves his Ugly McSmushface moniker (seriously, that cat is U-G-L-Y).
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If people mention their own cats, I respectfully suggest that they post photos of these cats, so that we can pretend that we see them through the window of the internet.

Thank you.
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Great, now all the zoophiles will know exactly where to find their next targets! Won't somebody think of the kitties?!?
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I love it when my indoor cat (well, the alpha of the two) gets trolled by the stray who likes to hang out in our back yard as she impotently glares and occasionally hisses through the window. "Nice territory you've got here. Think I'll claim it as mine. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing, that's what you're gonna do about it."
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This is clearly a work in progress because based on alumnae from my school alone, West Philly should be just a sea of cats in old windows.
posted by jetlagaddict at 5:17 PM on June 19, 2014

Needs pricing info. How much is that kitty in the window?
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I love that the cat icons even have color markings (which I hope are actually consistent with the cat in question, because otherwise, false advertising).
posted by mykescipark at 5:37 PM on June 19, 2014

Am I missing something or do we only get to see the addresses of the cat and not the actual cats?
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News at 11: Internet Creeps Ogling YOUR Cat
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In Soviet Philadelphia, you peep tom!
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I went by the one on 409 S 20th St before. It was just chilling in the window looking bored. Then as it saw me looking at it, it perked up.

I smiled at it and it proceeded to flip on its back and paw the air playfully as it stared longingly at me. I damn near melted on the spot. So freaking adorable.
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This thing makes no sense without photos.
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I've got eight cats and lots of windows. Near NYC, not Philly though... My cats in windows.
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It's a walking map, you're supposed to use it to navigate and see the cats for yourself. (Also, the lack of photos keeps it from being creepy.)
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This is just making me upset that my cat doesn't spend enough time in the window to be noticed. Get off the damn chair once in a while! Oh, stop looking at me with that fucking cute face.
posted by orme at 7:15 PM on June 19, 2014

I miss Philly. Shout out to the Cat Vet in the 2200 block of South Street for occasionally having a puddle of kittens in the front window, advertising their adoption availability.
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So, it's just a map with cat icons on it?
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Blaneyphoto cats FTW! Not just cats in windows, but a bonus cat in a basket.
posted by BlueHorse at 7:51 PM on June 19, 2014

I'm certain that the level of safety for humans residing in any city or neighborhood is directly reflected by the confidence of the outdoor cats at night. If you call the kitty and they come to meet your scratches with their tail raised and flagging you are in a safe place. If they see you and skulk away not so much.
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Our cat looking out.
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Just a reminder that there is a Cats of Metafilter group on Flickr.
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My cats are cats in windows, but they actually sit out on the ledge so even though I'm on the top floor, they are visible to passersby and neighbours. I cannot ever get photos because if they see me on the sidewalk they run off to do other things. I don't have a clue why.
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I used to live in a flat near the Chateau Tivoli and Alamo Square in San Francisco. My flat wasn't in a spectacular house, but it was old, and on the tour bus route for Alamo Square and Tivoli. My fat tabby, Aleister, liked to hang out in the front window. People in tour buses would drive by, and he would pose, and they would take pictures.

Aleister is long gone now, but I like to think that scattered across the world are pictures of an enormous brown tabby posing in the window of a yellow house in San Francisco.
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Ha! On google street view there is a little girl checking out the kittens at the Cat Vet I mentioned above.
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Memphis, TN is an odd city. A city with a lot of past they'd rather forget, and lot of past they'd bulldozed and replaced with a kid-friendly, whitewashed version of itself. But if you know where to look, there's still tons of the old oddness hiding out. Apropos of this thread, I present to you: The House of Mews. If you are in the neighborhood, and walking by, they have buckets (buckets!) of kittens playing in the front window for your edification and enjoyment. Bonus: Google Street View
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I asked the South Street Cat folks where their kittens have been (the kitten hotel has been empty for maybe a year) and their answer was that they just hadn't had any. So if you have a feral cat population, are in Philly, and can get the kittens to the South Street Cat Vet, I imagine they'll be adopted right away. I mean, lots of folks are getting bad news about their cats, so having the kittens there is like selling bread to hungry people, I guess.
posted by angrycat at 9:05 AM on June 20, 2014

My cat is from the Cat Vet of South Street. Maybe that's why he spends so little time in the window now. He finally got a home with walls.
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