Spoilers, sweetie.
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Website Doctor Who Spoilers, which specializes in collecting behind-the-scenes photos from location shoots, has published a handy and clickable chart of most of NuWho, including the forthcoming season, with links inside each one to tons of photos and background info on each location.

The navigation could bear a little bit of explaining: Click through to a season or special, and therein will be a list of episodes. In the box labeled "Locations," each line is actually multiple links - the text links to an informational page about the location itself, while tiny icons of a camera go to behind-the-scenes photos.

Also, many of the links go to the much deeper rabbit hole (but less intuitive and slick) DoctorWhoLocations.net, which has the added benefit of containing info on Classic Who, as well as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.
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Thanks for the post, but Doctor Who spoilers are something I avoid so that I can still (despite Moffat,) enjoy the show. I'd rather be delighted at what it is, than what it looks like it could be but falls flat being.
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Thank you for the schedule. I wondered when the next season would start.
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Am I missing something, or does "most of NuWho" mean "the Eleventh Doctor only"?
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NuWho refers to the 2005- stretch of the show.
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Yeah, that was kind of my point — it'd be cool to see this for the entire "NuWho" period, not just 2010 on.
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Sigh. Thanks for reminding me about my lust for that Crombie coat. I was hoping to make it to the fall without staring longingly at it.
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In which episode does Amy get sucked into a cooling vent, never to be seen again? Because I would watch that episode. Gladly.
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In which episode does Donna come back and be the most awesome companion AGAIN
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