The Fox, The Madien, The River, And The Witch
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Leigh Bardugo writes haunting, Eastern-European inspired fairy tales (Previously) often highlighting the experience of women in a unfair world. presents two new stories, the somber "The Too-Clever Fox" and the subversive "Little Knife."
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Leigh said on Twitter that all her folk stories and fairy tales are based on well-known western versions so we had some fun trying to figure out what Little Knife was based on (Rumpelstiltskin maybe?)
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Excellent, cheers. These are great
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AAAHHH! Yay! My friend edited her Grisha trilogy!
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Wow. Terrific. The Too-Clever Fox is a great story well told.
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I love her short stories. I wish I loved her novels as much!
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I have to say that Tor is just fabulous as a site and channel for great science fiction and fantasy. Getting their newsletter is a treat.
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This is super! Thank you, Whelk. I found out about Bardugo from the "previously" link and read The witch of Duva then. And passed it on enthusiastically to my daughter, who loves witch stories--with the note "This is great, I think you will love it, but Harry Potter it ain't."

Can't wait to start these. (Now, lemme think, is there anything I have to do tomorrow that will be disastrously affected if I sleepwalk through it due to having sat up all night round-eyed in the dark, jumping at any imagined skritchy-skratch or thump? Not that that will stop me if there is, I just need to start thinking of a cover story now.)
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Yes, I love these, more pls.
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