A day after a MSIE bug, a Netscape bug.
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A day after a MSIE bug, a Netscape bug. I figured I had to post this here, since the anti-Microsoft crowd always posts about the MSIE bugs, but seems to stay reeeeeal quiet when a bug is found in their chosen browser. I wish that people would just acknowledge that all software has bugs, and that discovering them is a helpful link in fixing them.
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All software has bugs, and most of them... happen on PCs. Don't want to start a Mac-PC war, but it just seems that the former are more secure platforms than the latter (PrettyPark virus anyone?)

For a list of other bugs that lead to security leaks, you can read securityfocus or the cert advisories.
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pecus at 1:59 AM on April 21, 2000

Does that statement, 'most of them' take into account the relative proportion of Macs to PCs in the world? Are there more 'PC bugs' because there are more PCs, and more PC software? I'm not trying to start a war either, but I don't like vague generalization.
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Well, it's instructive to compare the numbers of viruses available for each platform: PC's, the number is something like 36,000... the last time I heard a number for Mac viruses, it had 3 digits.

Unix, of course, has none. Some worms, but no viruses, per se.
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You know... I think Netscape and IE both suck. If Microsoft and Netscape got together they might be able to put together a decent browser. I use Netscape myself, for whatever reason I'm just not sure, and the son of a bitch crashes ever 30 minutes or so. When it does crash, it gets in this cycle where the error messages are permanent. You click Close and it pops up again and again. AHH!!!.. usually happens when I have like 5 windows open of stuff I really want to check out.
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