By the creek I heard a voice: O woe, O woe, I had no choice
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The hole the fox did make, a comic by Emily Carroll.

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Oh good grief that woman's work gives me the creeping horrors.

Why yes - I will have another, thanks.
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That was effective.
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Her blogspot informs me that she has a new graphic novel coming out. Eeenteresting.... After mainlining all that, I might have to go on a search for the new.
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I want to buy her novel, she always makes me shiver with horribe deight!
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Oh, that's good.

Among other things, there were a few details I especially liked: the way the whispering woman's hair was drawn, the slight reflection of trees in the creek in the final panel, the title. Also, I may have gasp/hissed upon seeing Regan's father's yearbook photo.
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Argh, I feel like a moron but I can't understand this story at all. Someone please explain it to me?
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Emily Carroll is unfairly, ridiculously good and just keeps getting better. She's going to be among the legends of sequential art.

I am usually pretty chill around awesome creators but I know I will have to try really hard to not just flip out about how great she is at her at SPX this year.
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By the creek I heard a voice


Sorry, but it was freaking me out a bit...
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Okay, spoilers.


(This is based on one read-through a little while back, and I'm not going back to confirm details.)

Regan has recurring dreams involving a variety of beautiful figures who don't interact with her, as well as A Tall Man and a Whispering Woman. The woman whispers a message to her that she finds compelling, about hearing a voice at the creek. Regan's mother has apparently told her that someone drowned there once and forbids her to visit it, but her babysitter insists that it's too shallow for anyone to drown there.

In the dreams, Regan is told that her father is the Prince of Foxes, and she sees herself as a fox in the dream. The Whispering Woman says that she is not Regan's mother, but that she wishes she were, and that she loved Regan's father very much.

In the pivotal comic, we see through flashbacks that the Whispering Woman and Regan's mothers were close friends in high school, and were both involved with Mr. Fox, a teacher who impregnated Regan's mother. Regan's mother drowned her friend in the creek and hid the body there, in the belief that if she did so, Mr. Fox would marry her, but this didn't happen.

Regan goes to the creek where we see watery hands rising towards her. Upon being told Regan is missing, her mother hurries to the creek, where she finds her face-down in the water. Some text tells us that now Regan has become one of the beautiful, non-interacting figures from her dreams.
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Troubling but wonderful. Thanks for posting.
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But who is the tall man? If this is the woman's solitary revenge, who is her helper?
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