"Kill duck before cooking"
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"Kill duck before cooking" and other chortle-worthy corrections from The New York Times. If newspapers were smart, they'd recognize that their corrections columns are a potential gold mine in terms of entertainment value, and promote them accordingly. But, alas, newspapers are not smart. (NY Times link, naturally, so the usual warnings apply.)
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A caption in Business Day with an article about the National Bank of Kuwait mistranslated the Arabic script of the bank symbol. It says, "National Bank of Kuwait" [not "There is no god but Allah].

Great article - concentrated hilarity!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 4:16 PM on January 21, 2002

The Graunidan's Corrections and clarifications column is always good for a laugh. I think they published a collection of the best a few years ago as well. Some classics in this article...
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"— Feb. 14, 1995

A caption misidentified a drag queen shown standing behind Quentin Crisp. The performer was Brandywine, not Lady Bunny"

I imagine the drag queen actually called the paper to complain about being misidentified. I would love to have been privy to that phone call.
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Great. Hype the corrections page into a major attraction and create an incentive for newspapers to be even less accurate.
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