I'm leaving my body to science, not medical but physics
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Let's Talk About Science is a blog devoted to discussing the world of science and technology communication with clear, beginner-friendly language, written and compiled by nanoscientist/physicist Jessamyn Fairfield and science educator ErinDubitably.

Topics of discussion at LTAS include physics and nanoscience (natch), along with mathematics, electronics and circuitry, quantum mechanics, and thermodynamics, all of which are covered in loving detail while remaining refreshingly free of intimidating jargon.

Intrigued? Let's talk about science! Fun fact: LTAS contributor ErinDubitably is also known as one half of the dynamic duo responsible for Manfeels Park (previously).
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Excellent Los Campesinos! reference. You are my new facorite person, and not just because I'm going to lose a lot of time to this.
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I was so excited to read this, LC! is my fave band :D All's well that ends.
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Another Jessamyn who is good at explaining things in ways that I understand! Excellent - thank you!
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That's it then, I'm naming my next daughter Jessamyn. In the 2014s a correlation was drawn between people who are named Jessamyn and are smart and can explain things in ways I can understand. Hence it was said that Jessamyn is good for your dialogue! Highlight for possible explanation (...).
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