Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight
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Daylight Firework Compilation from around the world, a very different display. If rain or hurricanes are putting a damper on your Independence Day pyrotechnics, check out Sergio Paolelli, Festival San Trifone - Adelfia 2013 for a spectacular 25 minute daylight show with a breathtaking finale. Also from Adelfia 2013, a grounds-eye view of the wild Batteria Sanseverese.
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Ohhh, I really liked the part that looked like some sort of wedding decoration, and you're right that the last two minutes of the second video are incredible. Thank you!
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The ending of the first video is amazing. It sounds like the space shuttle taking off. It looks like a bomb test. It was like a swarm of angry bees inside a thunderstorm. Impressive, and frightening.

I hope my town doesn't take that route this year.
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Wow, these are awesome. I really like how the smoke really adds a third dimension to the visuals.
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Breathtaking finale is right, holy crap! Bravo!
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The first part of the first video is the work of the Chinese artist Cai Gui-Qiang who has also done amazing things with nighttime fireworks and gunpowder on canvas.
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It's fascinating how the daylight shows require a different dynamic: you make your own dark, then light it up. Great stuff (though needs the ooh! and aah! tags!)
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Why all the excitement about a 70s AM staple?
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Thanks, dseaton, great links.

In watching these again, I realize that the use of sound is timed so well to create wonderful audio textures that really add to the overall effect.
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The suddenly appearing formations in the first video are incredibly effective. They're slightly frightening, like a fleet of ships teleporting in.

It must be very difficult to time that accurately, given the way the launches seem to be staggered. I guess that's done deliberately to help set up the surprise?
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I had that sensation of sudden teleportation too. It reminded me of the Dementors from Harry Potter, apparating into the clear sky.

That second video was unbelievably soothing though, until the big finish. (At which I sat up, grinned and clapped like a damn seal.)
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It's fascinating how the daylight shows require a different dynamic:

I had no idea that daylight fireworks shows even existed!
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I had no idea that daylight fireworks shows even existed!

Nor did I and now I want to go see one!
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