Olympian, war hero, Louis Zamperini passes away at age 97
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Details on the B24 crash from the Pacific Wrecks website.
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I just read the book last week, and it was awe-inspiring.

RIP Mr. Zamperini.
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I don't want to derail, but one thing that has been bugging me about this is why do we need Angelina Jolie to ride on this hero's coattails? I know many people like dramas, but wouldn't a straight up documentary film be a better tribute to this amazing man?

Personally, I'd rather hear the true story of the man's experience than Angelina Jolie's interpretation of it. Why is she so special? (Of course we know she thinks she is because of the worthless media hype, but I hate to see her (or anyone else) padding their list of achievements by mooching off someone who truly was a hero.) I'll read the book, but I refuse to see that movie. Ever!
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