Murder, She Wrote
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What a great profile.
posted by Diablevert at 6:04 AM on July 7, 2014

Thanks for the link -- quite fascinating to say the least...
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That was interesting as heck.
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Trillin's style comes off as hard-boiled and sentimental at the same time - wonderfully appropriate to Buchanan. Also I loved this detail:

There are moments when Edna seems to be "us" and "them" at the same time. Keeping the picture and the press release sent when someone is named Officer of the Month may give Edna one extra positive sentence to write about a policeman the next time she mentions him; also, as it happens, it is difficult to come by a picture of a cop who gets in trouble, and over the years Edna has found that a cop who gets in trouble and a cop who was named Officer of the Month are often the same person.
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NB: in the years since this classic Trillin piece, Buchanan has gone on to write a series of well-received mystery novels -- most (all?) featuring Miami crime reporter, Britt Montero.
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Great find, thanks for posting this!
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