Crush? Kill? Destroy? What would you like your robot to do?
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21st Century Robot: Intel Corp. debuts "Jimmy" an open-source 3d printed home robot to launch later this year.
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Let his first task be designing a website that is not infuriating.
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Sandblast the top of my refrigerator
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Oh great, there aren't enough fucking guys named "Jim" in the world, now they're going to be printed by the thousands.
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Hmm... I want my robot to be able to use a 3D printer. And assemble robots. And acquire more material for the 3d printer.

That is all.
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I want him to do my work so I can spend my time reading books and drinking beer.
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Queue up the sexy anime bots in 3, 2, 1....
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The open source nature of this is sort of intriguing - it sounds like that will be fun for geek kids -- or grown up geek kids.

Altho ten to one, among the first mods will be a cross between Jimmy and a Real Doll.
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All a self-replicating robot needs is a credit card and a telephone.
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This is good, I need a robot to cheer for sports for me, as I don't care myself.
But then we will see how it fares at an SRL show. It will be given a leatherman tool.
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Jimmy the Robot? Do the Aquabats have a trademark lawyer?
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IDAK Remix
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I don't know if it's just the mobile layout, but this entry was hilariously truncated:

Meet Jimmy. He’s the friendly walking robot that Intel is designing for consumers, and he can do all the things you might require of a robotic pal, including singing, translating languages, sending tweets on your behalf and even serving you bee

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This looks great, but maybe we can stop calling things "open source" when there's no source available? :(
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Phooky, everything I've read so far in the links seems to indicate that it is open source. I'm still reading, but can you point to where they say the source is not accessible?
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Here's a version of the site with the Tumblr theme stripped off.
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Can we get a no holds barred brawl between Jimmy and Asimo?
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It's not released yet, but one of the developers says, Like the hardware, all of the software will be available completely open-source and available for anyone to download. That link has details about the software platform and more.
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This reminds me of a Rudy Rucker novel, I think it's "The Hacker and the Ants." The hacker makes open source designs for DIY home robots. Everything goes well until one day when a customer instructs her robot to take care of her baby until she returns, and put the chicken in the oven at 3PM.
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