“Living in a Trailer”
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James Jones, the author of From Here to Eternity, wrote about life as a trailerite for Holiday magazine in 1952.
THE FIRST TIME you tow a house trailer you keep jerking the wheel to compensate for that crazy sway in the back end. It takes a long time to get enough used to it to ignore it. The first haul I ever made with mine—a trip that, although I didn’t know it then, turned out to be the first leg of a junket that would take me clear across the country and back and consume a year and a half—was to Memphis, Tennessee, from my home in Illinois. That’s about 400 miles, and it took me four days to make it. A year and a half later, on my way home from California, I hauled from Tucson, Arizona, to El Paso in one day. I had left a green-eared neophyte, and I was coming back a veteran. There is no pride in the world more rabid than that of a confirmed and dedicated trailerite. The next winter I took my trailer to Florida in four days, just about 1,200 miles.
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Mr Leahy? Oh, dear...
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I laughed when he made brief mention of a trailer park run by a Mr. Leahy.
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Excellent. Thanks very much.
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I'm pretty sure "the publisher was concerned about getting through the censors" is going to be among the most wrongheaded, depressing things I read all day.
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"Or maybe we just want to live in the Far West where we can wear a big hat, Levis and boots without being laughed at."

How times have changed. Well, I think you still get laughed at for wearing boots on the east coast, but only if it's obvious you're a douche.
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Pulling a 26 ft trailer down the road with an 80 inch wheelbase 4 cylinder Jeep. No wonder he kept jerking the wheel!
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My, how times have changed!

A dollar a night or $5 a week? I'm in my camper right now in a California State Park. It's $35 a night for "dry" (no hookups) camping. If you want electricity, water, sewer, it's up closer to $50 a day at many RV/Camper sites.
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This whole thing is great, and I will have to be very careful to not lose my entire afternoon on the other Holiday articles on that site as well.

This bit stood out to me in a different way.

The retired people are much more difficult; largely, I think, because of the fact that they are retired. They may be ex-plumbers or ex-executives, and some have more money than others, but they all have that one thing in common which sets them apart: they are retired; they are no longer part of the stream of building, expanding, fighting life—except in their capacity as Consumers; and the knowledge makes them an intensely proud, tight-knit, jealous, crotchety clan which intends you to know they ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin

Out of context, this paragraph certainly sounds just as relevant today as it was in 1952.
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That was a great read. I've driven between Memphis and Peoria several times, and wonder what roads he took, and what condition they were in, that made a similar trip take four days. Even though this was written before the interstate system, that's still a pretty long time.
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Pulling a 26 ft trailer down the road with an 80 inch wheelbase 4 cylinder Jeep. No wonder he kept jerking the wheel!

He was probably hauling with a Jeep Wagon with the Lightning V6. Even if he was hauling with the pickup or CJ-3, the Go-Devil was stout enough to pull an all-aluminum Spartan Manor at backroad speeds (I assume that's the 26' trailer he was referring to - he was talking about upgrading to the 33' Spartan (which would be the Royal Mansion) and a big car to haul it at the end.)

Handling on the rig, however, would be - ah - fun.
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If you love mid-century Americana, don't miss Lucy and Desi in "The Long, Long Trailer", made a year after this article was written and based on a novel written a year before it. The whole thing -- less the opening titles, for some reason -- seems to be available here.
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He was probably hauling with a Jeep Wagon with the Lightning V6. Even if he was hauling with the pickup

He mentions driving with the windshield down, so it's definitely a CJ.
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Seconding The Long, Long Trailer. One of my favorite nostalgia movies.
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For my entire childhood my father, who died a year ago, talked about renting an RV and driving around for a week -- where was never specified; it was the platonic ideal of a family vacation in his mind, but we never got around to it. (Also, my sister and I would've killed each other.) I've never been in a trailer, but that essay makes me want to sell all my worldly possessions, buy one and, I guess, a jeep of some kind, grab my pregnant wife, and putter around the country till the kid's off to college. I love the way it's written -- I wish every printed word could be filtered, somehow, through 1952.
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