Show Boat in the hands of its makers
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The New York Public Library has posted four original typescripts from Show Boat, the 1927 musical by composer Jerome Kern and lyricist and bookwriter Oscar Hammerstein, along with a blog post for some historical background.
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I just finished reading Bill Bryson's "One Summer: America 1927" and he talks about how groundbreaking Show Boat was in terms of musical theatre. Not just because of the racial mix of cast and characters at a time of segregation, but because it was the first musical to fully integrate the songs and the story. Interesting post, thanks.
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The lyrics (prior to slight modification by Hammerstein) for "Bill" were in fact written by Kerns' erstwhile collaborator, P.G. Wodehouse, and it shows.
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Though we've listened to you moan and grieve, you
Must pardon us if we do not believe you,
There is no doubt
You're crazy about
Your awful stage!
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The costumer's notes are so telling about the time and the (never-before-happened) mixing of the races onstage. A great read, thanks!
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