Ghosts out of the machine
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Kirlian photography techniques used to capture electrical discharges and made famous in parapsychology research are revisited in the Digital Ethereal project to manifest the ghosts of wireless networks.
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Upon reading the descriptions, it seems fairer to say their technique was "inspired by" Kirlian photography, but uses an entirely different methodology.

I am interested in the visualization of what you might call invisible architecture. Here's something that's a similar idea.
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This is always a neat idea - and thanks robothero for linking that other example, which the FPP also brought to mind. Perhaps another less art more DIY example is the tricorder (previously) which the designer describes using to see electro-magnetic fields.
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I am eager for these to show up on "Allergic to WiFi" blogs as proof of the evil ... whatever evil thing is in vogue.
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> proof of the evil ... whatever evil thing is in vogue.

This is inspiring. Photoshop, neon glow filter, layer mode overlay, and some pix of a few of those network closets from Hell. Plus a suitable victim for the base image.
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