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#HuskyTwitter may have started out as a dog appreciation tag, but got a boost in recent days after ESPN Magazine revealed that Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder, at a fit 275 pounds, would be featured on one of the six covers of the 2014 Body Issue (possibly NSFW). previously
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What, no photographs of Bartolo Colon, CC Sabathia, and Prince Fielder?

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You asked for it, you got it.
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Crazy, Fielder has a basically identical body shape to mine, except he weighs 75 pounds more than me at the same height (!). That is some dense-ass muscle.
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or maybe I misplaced the hyphen there
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Dude has the body I wish I had.
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He must be a really tall man also...the bat looks tiny in his hand. Also, I like the tattoos.
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He must be a really tall man also...the bat looks tiny in his hand.

Nope, apparently he's only 5'11"! Surprised me too.
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He's 5'11".

Aw, nuts.
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CC Sabathia lost a lot of weight, $2b+.
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From twitter, via a very spirited multi-gender conversatioin

"He looks like an Asgardian fuck god."
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It's interesting that they positioned him in the best way to minimalize his belly. The dude has muscle, but he's also got some fat, too, and it seems like the photograph and subject is very much designed to focus on one and obscure the other.
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I think that's more a side effect of the weird positions required to hide your junk. Since your belly fat is located directly above that area any position which hides one will minimize the other.
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