If Amy Winehouse was Ghanaian ... and flanked by a bike gang
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Ghanaian R&B singer Y'akoto bemoans her lack of Perfect Timing - and the same bikers support Ghanaian/Brookylnese rapper Blitz the Ambassador reminiscing about his Ghanaian childhood in Make You No Forget (via).
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yo that was a good link
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If Amy Winehouse was Ghanaian

Is that something that's been said about her (some article or webpage or something) or is that your own unique observation? At any rate, it certainly sounds like she's listened to Amy Winehouse. Her inflections are very similar.
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Whoever said it, I agree that the comparison is apt. Thanks for putting her on my radar.
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It's in the via link ("German-Ghanaian afro-folk singer Y’akoto has a deeply soulful voice tinged with echoes of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse that shines through on her latest offering “Perfect Timing.”), but I admit it was what I first thought of when I heard it.
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Great videos! Both artists have a ton of videos on youtube and I'm having fun watching them now.
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Good stuff, Chura. (Given a personal interest, are there places you'd know where quality African music videos are collected/curated/easily come-by-able?)
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Great post, thanks!
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Progosk, Okayafrica is great for pop culture and music (previously); Africa Is A Country often has interesting music, too. Also Awesome Tapes. Just randomly, my two favorite recent songs (not from any of those places, but that I happened upon) are Kukere and You, both of which open up youtube rabbit holes to other Nigerian and Ivorian music. There's some more Nigerian music on iroking, but that's sort of a Spotify-esque thing that you sign up for to stream music.
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Cool! Some folks I know have been working on a feature documentary about the bikers featured in these videos. They released a short film version awhile back, but I don't know that it's available online.
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Man now I want to be in Ghana. Thanks for the post.
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I absolutely loved the Y'akoto video. Thanks for posting!
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Baby Blues is the album that I've mostly listened to and Y'akoto is OK, but she always fit into my head as the person you listened to after you'd got bored with all the other soulful female Afro-German acts.

1. Nneka
2. Ayo
3. Y'akoto

I never saw the sonic link to Winehouse, but that's because I mainly hate Winehouse, and I mainly like Y'akoto.
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I guess we have different mental grouping for like-sounding acts, zoo. In my mind Nneka and Ayo are something like acoustic soul, and almost nothing like Y'akoto's modern Motown/r&b thing she's got going.

In that they're all African and female, I'd have to put Zap Mama and Yolandi Visser in the group you present also.

Also, seek out acoustic versions by Winehouse if those first two are your thing.
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Love the song, the delivery, the look - the clothes! Great stuff.
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And the awesome hair ! Don't forget the hair :)
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The Blitz the Ambassador video features Seun Kuti, son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. Which is so very very cool.
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I actually have the skirt Y'akoto is wearing, bought at the BAM Dance Africa Crafts Bazaar!
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Man, I would kill for that orange suit and tank top combo dude is rocking from 0:57 on in the first video.
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Wow, that is great. Thanks for posting these.
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