"A Very Long Routine Compared To .. The Others Foot-Juggling Acts"
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Selyna Bogino (facebook, twitter) is an Italian circus performer and antipode (foot) juggler. One of her practice videos, involving five basketballs, has almost two million views on youtube since 2011. In an interview about the video, she noted that she's a fifth generation circus performer and has been practicing since she was 8 years old. She can also do amazing things with hula hoops, and with clubs (another practice video).
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That's fantastic. At some points, the five basketballs video gives me the impression she has four arms and hands, not that she is using her feet/legs.
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I was living in Boulder, CO, for a bit and I enjoyed going to Pearl St. for the street entertainers. I have been telling people for years that I accepted a $1 bet from one young man regarding whether he could hacky-sack a quarter for a minute. He went for over 5 minutes before just catching the coin in his hand (not likely he was going to miss a move any time soon). I gave him 20 bucks thinking that was something I'd never really witness the like of again.

Now I think I overestimated his skill.

I may keep telling the story though; it's a nice intro to the one about the guy who rode his 10 foot unicycle into the middle of the one crossing street to 'direct' traffic while juggling flaming torches.
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This reminds me of Karl Pilkington's thinking that a three-legged juggler was wasting his talents and should instead take up football.
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The basketball toss is cool and delightful, but the clubs? THAT DID NOT HAPPEN.
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I love the circus arts.
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I'll never forget the foot-juggling bears I saw in the Moscow Circus when I was a kid. Some of them would keep three full-sized barrels in the air at once.
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Selyna must have supernatural lower back strength! Supernatural I say.
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Sweet Inanna, she is amazing! Thanks for this, VioletU
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It's always fun to see something that part of your brain wants to think is a camera trick - but knowing that it is just super-human ability.
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