Not All Photographs Are Real
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Erik Johansson creates incredible illusions through photography.

Many of his images - including Landfall, Drifting Away, Cut & Fold, Cutting Light, and Set Them Free - include more details about his process of combining sets, photography, and digital art.
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That is some amazing Photoshop mastery.
posted by zardoz at 12:46 AM on July 11, 2014

Wow. Great post. I wish there was more background info in how much prep work was taken with composition though
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Amaaaaaaazing. Beautiful visual riddles, yum! And I love the explanatory videos and blog posts.
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I wish there was more background info in how much prep work was taken with composition though

His YouTube channel has a ton of "behind the scenes" videos.

His works remind me of photorealistic takes on Jacek Yerka's style, and that's a wonderful thing. Not too cutesy or cliched, though something about Cut and Fold feels a bit like it could be more advanced stock art, which probably says more about the diversity in stock art than it does about Erik Johansson's subjects and execution.
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I hate this crap, these 'Ooooooh wow, what if the snow were a quilt or like in the bottle floating in the water were a little landscape etc etc etc' because it always makes me think of some cut-rate revisiting of Escher by some stoner-wannabe twit with a computer. So I clicked on the link in order to confirm by biases and hatreds and, uh, these are really not bad.
This kind of 'Photoshop art' is so often so damn hackneyed and trite yet with these I thought the execution redeemed them. Really well made.
These are really nice illustrations.
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Landfall is giving me vertigo.

Great work.
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hmm... these look 'shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few 'shops in my time.
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Reminds me of magazine pharma ads where they can't come right out and tell you what the pill remedies so they let the illustration hint at your symptoms.

Or maybe these are the side effects? Ask your doctor.
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"Why is Willy Wonka's chocolate waterfall in this Viagra ad?"
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The "Landfall" page says copyright 2014, but it looks incredibly familiar to me from a few years ago -- maybe he had an earlier version, or there was someone else who was playing with a similar concept? Regardless, that is my favorite image of the set because of how it plays with perspective.
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Looks like all those Yerka links from 2003 FPP are dead. Try starting here.
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These are lovely. His work reminds me of Chris Van Allsburg.
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I look at this gallery and then realize that there are all sorts of specialized photography--ie, nature, animals, theme, ie, the great depression, street photos, fashion, war journalist photos, etc. and I ask myself what I prefer in galleries of photographs...yes, I can say all that is good but that is like saying I like all food that is good when in fact I prefer Italian (when it is good).
One thing for sure: I dislike endless shots of cute kittens, which, for me, ranks up there with selfies of any kind.
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Then I guess you don't much like Kitten Selfies!
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