San Francisco 1955
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A cinemascope film of San Francisco in 1955. "Highlights everything from the Cliff House (and the adjacent but long-defunct Sky Tram) to Fisherman’s Wharf — along with Telegraph Hill, City Hall, the Cable Car turnaround, a very squeaky ride down Lombard Street, the SF zoo, Golden Gate Park… and everything in between the (once record-breaking) spans of the Golden Gate and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridges." (The tour of the city picks up again at 15:40.)
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Wait, the Cliff House had a sky tram?! Why did this go away!
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I keep expecting the camera to pan to Jimmy Stewart.
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They slid right past the TL.
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This appears to be a better upload of the same material. It's still jittery and aliased, but at least it's full frame.
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Where are all the cars?!?!
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This is so cool. My parents will get a kick out of this.

Not nearly as cool, but still pretty neat I think, is this 8mm footage shot by my grandparents while sailing on San Francisco Bay in 1970. The skyline is so different.
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Since I was last there around 1980, it's interesting that this is closer to the San Francisco I visited than the San Francisco of today.

I keep expecting the camera to pan to Jimmy Stewart.

I think that's him at 7:13.
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I've been gone from San Francisco for 13 years, and I still miss it every day. No place like it.

I also didn't know about the looked wonderful.
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I just left another piece of my heart there.. thanks!
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Oh hey, I saw this at one of Rick Prelinger's presentations at the Castro a couple of years ago. I didn't know it was available online.
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Double post?
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I was born in 1955 in San Francisco, thank you for this!
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