"Dance the Slurp"
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July 11th (7/11!) is the perfect day to read this Priceonomics piece on the invention of the Slurpee.
Did you miss Free Slurpee Day today? This year 7-Eleven's Free Slurpee Day has been supersized into a freebie week. (previously: 2005 & 2008)
(And bonus CanCon from the Wall Street Journal - This Isn't a Brain Freeze—Manitoba Wins 'Slurpee Capital' Once Again: Chilly Canadian Province Is Hottest Market for the Ice-Cold Beverage from 7-Eleven for 15th Year)
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There was a line out the door at the 7-11 across from my job. Thankfully, I was going in to buy malt liquor and managed to dodge the line. Also, a small slurpee can be downed in a bout two gulps on a hot day like today.
posted by jonmc at 6:02 PM on July 11, 2014

Thank you, flex! Upon reading your fpp, I immediately ran out the door and got a free Slurpee five minutes before they stopped giving them out!

Slurpee - still the best tasting thing with pee in it.
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I bought the Priceonomics book for $10! It is just a recap of some of the popular blog articles. Don't bother.
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Krispe Kreme also moved their birthday to July 11th this year (used to be July 13th) complete with discounts and field observations indicates those dressed up as part or whole cow were distributed free entrees and meal deals at Chik Fil A.

The 7-11 near my office didn't seem any busier than usual.
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For a while I was the assistant coach on an age group swim team coaching 10 and unders. We had a particularly sadistic head coach who'd take a few kids out after meets, buy them all slurpees and offer five bucks to whoever finished first. Two seconds later there's three kids writhing in sinus pain still trying to pound down their blue-raspberry frozen drinks.
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slur . . . pee
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Until about a week ago I lived in a town with a local convenience store chain that, back in the 1980's managed to successfully drive out both 7-Eleven and Circle-K. When I traveled to places that had 7-Elevens I never bothered trying a Slurpee. As a result, I've never actually had one.

Now I live in San Antonio, so yesterday I figured a free Slurpee seemed like a good idea.

I was kind of meh about the whole thing. My partner says I just don't know how to live it up.
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"Dance the Slurp" was also a major inspiration for the bootleg DJ Shadow album, Brainfreeze.
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