Stay. Stay. Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! NOPE!
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Pets Interrupting Yoga.

Adorable [previously]

Note: The woman and her cat at 1:17 are a testament to balance and patience.
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I wonder if cats see you doing yoga as akin to their elevator butt and whatever that entails (Mom wash my butt, let's get to know each other/bond through smell and touch, etc.).
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also i dig the whole "oh you're keeping me from thing i planned to do and it should be annoying but aaaah i can't stay mad at you, let's roll around in love you goofball" of the second half because it is like a tidy demonstration of how pets pretty much always make you feel that way, about everything every day.
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You're lying down?? It's lying down time?? THAT MEANS IT'S TIME FOR ME TO LIE DOWN ON YOU

You're putting your butt down somewhere?? I'M GOING TO BE WHERE YOUR BUTT IS GOING TO BE.

You're putting your face in the space where my face usually is? THAT MEANS I SHOULD PUT MY FACE WHERE YOUR FACE IS.
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I was expecting a lot more humping.
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The cats seem to employ king-of-the-hill strategy, sometimes/often enhanced with pain.

The dogs just want things to be really awkward and potentially very embarrassing.

Seems about right.

Forwarded on to my favorite yoga teacher, who has both cats and dogs as I do.
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All cats want to ride humans like the draft animals they consider us to be.
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Reminds me of the Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn tumblr.
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I'm mostly safe while doing Wii Fit, but apparently doing planks in human is the equivilant of doing ankle biting in cat. The Wii does not care, it just ranks me "couch potato". The cat, meanwhile, gets "Good job!" and is a 4-star ankle-biting master.
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I have finally accepted the fact that my dog views my early morning stretches as play time, so I now pick up her 15 pound body and do chest lifts.
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That was my best LOL of the day, OP. Thank you for posting!!
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Stay. Stay. Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! NOPE!

I can't breathe. How does the dog translate her being in that position as an invitation to...whatever he was trying to do to her head?
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Be sure to time your "NO, STOPPIT" with the out-breaths and releases.

Doing planks around my Boxer seemed an invitation for her to crawl under me. I don't know what she was thinking. She didn't do anything once she got there. She just wedged herself under me with her butt sticking out and sat there, panting happily, like YOU ARE DOING A WEIRD THING AND I AM HERE WITH YOU SO WE ARE WEIRD TOGETHER.

Which is pretty much the life purpose of a dog, Let's Be Weird Together.
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Not just pets -- I know a woman who runs an online fitness group/accountability thing, and her home workout videos went from "I'm doing stuff" to "I'm doing stuff with my toddler trying to get in the way" to "fuck it, the toddler just gets to lay on my back while I do my pushups".
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My dog believes that pretty much any prone (or prone-ish) yoga pose (down dog, child's pose, cat/cow) is my feeble human attempt at a play bow, and is always very excited to join in.

I don't do yoga at home anymore.
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There was a surprising lack of blood letting considering the involvement of cats.
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You're putting your face in the space where my face usually is? THAT MEANS I SHOULD PUT MY FACE WHERE YOUR FACE IS.

You're putting your face in the space where my face usually is? THAT MEANS I SHOULD PUT MY BUTT WHERE YOUR FACE IS.

I believe you mistyped that.
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I had a yoga classmate who had the same problem with her 2 year old boy.
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I have four rescued cats (thanks daughter working in a veterinary hospital) who all have something missing. You put them all together and you pretty much get one complete cat.

Anyway, they all have their places and do their cat things and only interact/screech at me when they want wet food. The rest of the time they keep to themselves, with one exception:


Then, I become the most fascinating person in the world.

I go upstairs. They ignore me.

I put on my workout clothes. Ignore.

I turn the TV on. Nothing.

I put on the Bryan Kest DVD and I hear 16 paws TEAR ASS up the stairs and they all sit at the doorway, staring at me. They gingerly enter the room.

I fast forward through the introduction because no, I do not need to hear again about nose breathing. They circle around me.

I start in mountain pose and swan dive to relax my head and neck, and they all think I'm a piece of tuna, head-butting me, serpentining between my legs, arching their backs and kissing me.

Downward dog is a complete joke. I've got Bobo nibbling my hair, Fat Tony kissing my feet, Mikko flopping between my hands and Ava lying under my stomach waving her paws at me.

Yoga with cats, indeed.
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I can't even massage my legs on a foam roller without the dog coming over to "help" by licking my face. I have no idea what she'd do if I started doing yoga poses.
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This lady has beautiful images of her doing yoga with kid & dog attached.
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My cat better not get to see this, he doesn't need any more ideas. He already comes up and rubs his head on my hands and feet and bites my fingers when I try to do yoga. Usually I have to lock him up (and then he complains loudly).
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