"Identity is always something to be cherished."
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I read this last month and it made me feel like maybe I'll be able to find somebody too, eventually, which was nice because it was sandwiched between the usual depressing stuff in my RSS feeds. I encourage people to check out the previous essay as well!
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This is good.
posted by Ruki at 4:35 PM on July 13, 2014

That is the sweetest story. I'm so happy that they've found each other; love is to be nourished and treasured, not hidden away like a guilty secret.
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How lovely.
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That's a sweet love story. Wanting someone to embrace and love us as we are is what most people want--it's just harder to find when we are marginalized for some reason, and particularly difficult for trans women, positioned by transmisogyny as both sexually compelling and sexually repulsive, and as somehow making men who find them attractive gay.

I just celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary with my wonderful spouse this weekend, and we too met virtually. Before her, I'd never dated someone intersex by birth like myself, and it really was a revelation to have being sex-variant not be an issue for a partner. She was also there for me as I started my gender transition to legal male status, something she'd undertaken years before in the other direction, and I, like Andy in the Everyday Feminism piece, found such support invaluable.

I know I'm lucky, and I wish the same luck in love to all.
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To quote the female Death of Sandman fame, I love happy endings.

Be right back... there's something in my eye...
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Very sweet story!
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"[P]un-riddled jokes"--she must really love him. Seriously, though, it's lovely when two good people find each other.
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I thought this was going to be glurgey but it was just...really touching. Thanks.
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That was so lovely.
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That was really sweet.
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Oh, I remember her earlier article about transitioning -- it was excellent. This is such a lovely, happy, wonderful story. Thanks for posting!
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I remember that loved the previous article (and I see that I commented about how it made me cry) and this one is no different, including the crying, but in a good way. I'm so happy for her.
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Crying here, too. Thank you for sharing the article!
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This is great. Good for all of them.
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So sweet. Did not love the bolding of certain phrases - they didn't need the emphasis because the content was so strong.
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