IU bans Napster again
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IU bans Napster again Thursday after Metallica (along with E/M Ventrues and Creeping Death Music) filed a suit against Napster. IU joins Yale (who banned again on April 14) and U. of Southern California...all of whom were mentioned in the suit.
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I seriously doubt Metallica or the entertainment industry in general is losing any money from MP3 pirating, but I wish they were. If rock stars got paid like teachers do, the only reason to become one would be the pursuit of music itself. Suddenly real talent would surface, instead of all these plastic people who can't sing, and I would no longer need vomit all over myself every time I turn on MTV or the radio.
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It's getting even more interesting: now the Street is paying attention.

Hmmm... you think the labels might be interested in that Napster search data...?
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Less a fan of mouseovers than I am of greenspun links,
baylink, because it's deceptive... Not that you're evil or anything, but I probably won't be clicking on your links anymore. Sorry man.
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What are "greenspun links, baylink"? Am I missing something here?
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Look back a few days ago and you'll see much hoo ha over baylink sending all of his offsite links through a redirector which acts as a counter (Greenspun). He took much flak for it, and someone (I think, and hope, jokingly) suggested using mouseovers to cover up the fact that he was sending them to greenspun. Unfortunately this bad idea stuck. If you view the source of this page, you'll see what it's all about.
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Oh...I see. An easy way to see behind the javascript is to RIGHT click the link first before left-clicking it....then you see the actual link in the display window instead of the mouseover.
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