Pong and the Universe
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Pong and the Universe A cool little shockwave video about Pong, Life, Death, and the Universe. I hope this is not a double post.
posted by aj100 (7 comments total)
Looks to be from the same people who brought us George Bush playing the bongos (warning, pop-up windows).
posted by mrbula at 7:20 AM on January 23, 2002

Oh please, not George Bush with the bongos again, please, please, please...
posted by Faze at 7:23 AM on January 23, 2002


It all makes sense, now. Thanks.
*replaces pin back into grenade*
posted by dong_resin at 7:27 AM on January 23, 2002

Dude, what if, like, the whole universe was just, like, an atom inside someone's fingernail inside another whole universe? Kinda makes you think, huh? Pass the bong...
posted by dammitjim at 7:34 AM on January 23, 2002

At first it seems like a cheap violent cartoon, but it's redeemed the existential bit at the end. Not bad.
posted by Down10 at 10:14 AM on January 23, 2002

posted by glennie at 11:14 AM on January 23, 2002

thanks that is an excellent cartoon
posted by mokey at 11:27 AM on January 23, 2002

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