24. A house designed by a three-year-old is built.
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1. A book describes works that the author has conceived but not brought into being. 2. The world is drawn from memory. There are missing countries, altered borders.

3. Proust’s head is drawn on a page of In Search of Lost Time. The words tracing out the contour of his face form a grammatically correct sentence.

"Édouard Levé (January 1, 1965 – October 15, 2007, Paris) was a French writer, artist, photographer. His final book, Suicide, although fictional, evokes the suicide of his childhood friend 20 years earlier, which he had also mentioned in "a shocking little addendum, tucked nonchalantly...into Autoportrait." He delivered the manuscript to his editor ten days before he took his own life at 42 years old."

When I Look at a Strawberry, I Think of a Tongue
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173. A man masturbates; the pattern of semen is cast into plastic and distributed free in cereal boxes throughout the Tribeca area
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So you're saying he comes in specially selected packages?
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Pour les francophones: you can read some of the original here.
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I picked up the translation of Autoportrait on the recommendations of Metafilter a few months ago. Probably not for everybody - it's self-apparently narcissistic - but I found it to have a serious emotional weight and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
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I have the strangely specific feeling that there are puns which were lost in translation.
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I have to wonder about 17, "A litre of molten lead is poured out in zero gravity in a vacuum. Brought back to earth, it is exhibited in the form into which it has hardened". Would molten lead poured out in zero gravity in a vacuum harden? It's not like there's anything drawing heat away from it.
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I had a couple ideas like these -- a Bruckner-length symphony composed of live recordings of cricket songs; a museum consisting solely of insignificant trinkets that meant a great deal so someone once upon a time for personal reasons.
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I love these.
19. A butterfly is released into a room, hidden from sight. Every night, its flight, detected by laser beams, is transmitted to a mobile machine equipped with an hourglass. By morning, the imprint of the nocturnal flight is drawn in sand on the floor.
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baf, it would still be subject to radiative cooling. Depending on the starting temperature, it might stay warm long enough to form a sphere due to surface tension, or, quickly cool into a more interesting shape.
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From the same author, Pornographie: what it says on the tin, except with fully-clothed people (still NSFW).
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pouring cannot happen in 'zero' gravity
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I'm not sure this was meant to be taken literally.
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