Like Taking A Step Into a Sci-Fi Future
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Captain's Log: June 30, 2014 "There are times when human language is inadequate, when emotions choke the mind, when the magnitude of events cannot properly be conveyed by the same syllables we use to navigate everyday life. Last night, the evening of June 30, 2004 was such a time."

The above is a beautiful introduction to the following pdf:

Cassini Captain's Log: 2004.184

The overall Ciclops/Cassini Imaging website makes me feel like I have stepped into a Star Trek episode or other futuristic movie where space travel happens for relatively ordinary people and is not just the reserve of a short list of astronauts. I just wanted to share that sense of The future is now. I thought the above entry was particularly compelling, though there is lots more there if you want to get lost in it.

I also liked Common Questions about Saturn.
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This is beautiful and amazing. Thank you, Michele in California.
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Wow, this is my kind of Internet rabbit hole. Thanks for this.
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oh god I was going to go to bed at a reasonable hour

thank you I guess but grrrrr ;)
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This is lovely. Thank you!
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