Japanese design magazine, circa 1902
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Man, they love their nugget birds!
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Very pretty; anyone have any idea which "famous artists" did which images? I notice that the book originally belonged to Robert W. Chanler. Man, there's a fascinating dude--one of the forgotten stars of the famous New York Armory Show. You can see a lot of Japanese influence in his work, of course, especially the screens.
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I didn't have anything to do for the rest of the week anyway.


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Very nice, thanks. Volume 2
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Very nice.

These are are generally in the style of "Nishiki-e," color woodblock prints (although these magazines were probably printed on offset presses). The National Diet Library has tons of this stuff online, if you can find it.

The NDL search function is in Japanese only, so I will just point you to this gallery in English. I particularly recommend the Rare Books gallery and look at the ehon link.
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My wife and I just caught “Kimono for a Modern Age, 1900–1960” at LACMA. Not at all what I was expecting, but very cool.
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