DIY Sexism, Subverted
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Sexist 60's embellish-your-own-suggestively-posed-women notepads, subverted. David Jablow takes vintage novelty doodle pads with the outlines of nude women and gives them awesome contexts. (Original image is arguably NSFW)
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Charles Crumb, brother of Robert, did it back in the fifties when applying to Famous Artists School. See the documentary 'Crumb' for details.
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Some of which that have been published in book form by AdHouse!

I always found what Jablow did with these to be delightful -- it was something that was meant to be sexist and he turned it into something fun.
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Wow. Most of these are good, but the minotaur one is beyond smashing.
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Very, very, very good.
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I like how he uses 1960s/1970s genre tropes in upending casual 1960s/70s sexism.
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Those are a lot more fun and interesting than the originals.
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As awesome as a lot of these are, don't assume they come from a feminist perspective. Check out the preview PDF from the AdHouse link above to see some mud-wresting wardrobe-malfunctioning pinup babes being watched by a disinterested man with a hose.
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What is the cat burglar stealing? The head looked like the sphinx thingy from the George Pal version of The Time Machine, but that can't be right?
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You might remember seeing the idol from the back.
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Of course! I'm so silly.

Just as long as it wasn't one of those godawful crystal skulls....
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I love these so so much.
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