The ABC's of Theology
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Atonement, Baptism, Christology, Deconstruction
The ABC's of Theology, an ongoing blog series from the folks at Homebrewed Christianity. (previously)

Also recently on the podcast, "God is Not a man, and other not so shocking things you learn in Religion 101", a fantastic two part series with professor Greg Horton.
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Smart. What I love is the conversational perspective - informative without being preachy. Still, I have real disagreements: I wouldn't call the atonement irrelevant but necessary. What doesn't matter is what kind of atonement one chooses. Baptism seems non-geographical, but it is deeply concrete and material.

Certainly the blog is a popular way of deepening theological thinking without the cultural baggage. It's helpful.
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Interesting, though it does look a little Christian-centric.
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It's an interesting situation: to return Christianity to the mainstream of public discourse means eliminating the blind adherence to the less realistic parts of the teachings, treating them in a secular humanist fashion, as it were. Which I think would be great for the religion and people's understanding of it. Instead the loudest and dominant ones are the ones blindly and antagonistically refusing to consider anything other than a certain almost reactionary interpretation. And thus damning themselves, as it were, to being unapproachable in any meaningful sense.
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I'm not a Christian, but the response to that criticism isn't unpersuasive, which is basically that the churches that accept modern humanist ideas (Episcopalian, ELCA, etc.) are shrinking in membership and influence basically because they don't really offer anything different than modern secular humanist society. Many people don't just want a space to explore spirituality with like-minded people, they want strong claims and direct spiritual guidance. If you're being uncharitable, they want to be told what to do.

This blog interests me because they seem to be charting a different path: they're willing to engage with modern thought, but they are Christians first, while the goal of many modern liberal Christians seems to be to squeeze Christianity into modernism however they can.
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they want to be told what to do.

I think it's rather: feel that they are doing the right thing, vis a vis associating with folks to reinforce the mindset/beliefs. Most I know aren't in the "want to be told", rather "want to belong", where belong is shared belief, mindsets, etc. (That have the unfortunate side effect of easily becoming us vs them, which is antithetical to the religion, but that's a much longer story..)
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