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Before the release of Tribes 2, IGN interviewed the band Motley Crue about the theme song that they'd been contracted to do: "Then this new game came up, Tribes 2, and it was very up Motley Crue's alley. It was high-energy, very intense. We actually wrote music specifically for the game, as well as taking a few tracks off of the new album, and we're extremely excited about it. Now they're actually going to digitize us and put us in the game." The deal appeared to fall through, and the song was lost to time. However copies still exist on the Internet.
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I have a bad feeling this is going to get on my iTunes playlist and get a lot more rotation than it should
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catchy lyrics.
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That sounds so much like Saigon Kick.
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That was better than expected.
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catchy lyrics.

Maybe they drew inspiration from Skate or Die 2
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I loved that game SO MUCH.
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Reminds me of an 80's cartoon opening theme.
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The music from the original Tribes had that same Saturday-morning cartoon feel.

Little-known fact: The Tribes CD will play in any standard CD player if you just advance to track 2. Rather than loading the music into memory, the game just played it off of the disc.

Tribes was the bomb.
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I'll never forget how much fun I had playing Tribes 2 on the Gamespy server. Such an amazing game. Last time I played was maybe a few years ago and there was still a dedicated community playing, albeit heavily modded.
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