No Joy In Baseball World
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For 20 years, he was the biggest name in youth baseball. His coaching popularized a new wave of analysis, while his instructional videos entranced a generation of professional players and fans. And those iconic TV commercials turned him into a pop-culture phenomenon. Then, as suddenly as he arrived, Tom Emanski was gone.
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Holy crap! I had these videos and I had graduated from college when I purchased them. Loved them. Wish Emanski would sit for one interview and answer the mystery of his life. Maybe one day, when he passes, he will leave a will that explains some things, donates a big chunk of money to youth baseball, and clears up some of his mystery.

Like many innovators, he is one of a kind.
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That was the instructional video... that got results.
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I remember the commercials for the videos well, especially the trash-can throw from center-field. I never bought one, because I never had a need. However, I used the gist of the Emanski's drill techniques as gleaned from the commercial when I was trying to teach some people to fight as unit with swords and shields.
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Oh, the memories.

Thanks for the reminder.
Definitely going to look those up once my daughter starts playing.
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