Where there are no people
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Animal Land where there are no people was a children's book released in 1897, written by Sybil Corbet, who was four years old, and illustrated by her mother, Katharine Corbet. "Animal Land where there are no People is quite near, only you can't see it... They live by the North Pole and in the leafy places near. It is always light there, always day, they climb the poles and always play."

Some of the animals that live in Animal Land include:

The Booba - "This is a funny little Animal. It makes no noise and it runs."
The Joox - "This animals name is Joox because it is not a Bear."
The Weedle - "This animal has such dainty little ways of pulling up Potato's."
The Boddles - "This animal screams and eats candles and soap."
The Penna - "This animal eats shell eggs and straw and is larger than a Buffalo."
The Temmalunk - "Nothing known about this Animal."

There is a complete copy of the book here (pdf).
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Once again, Metafilter finds the greatest thing in the world that day. Thank you for this post.
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The Boddles is now one of my favorite things of all time. This is great.
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Just... just the first illustration in the book itself. The Ding. All it needs is a "HATERS GONNA HATE" over the top of it. This is epic all the way through - Steam-punk Axe Cop!
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"This Beast is larger than any table and is always there."

For some reason the "is always there" bit kills me. This was lovely, I really need to show it to my 2 year old!
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Wump World 4 lyfe
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This was delightful, thanks.
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