W56.22xA Struck by orca, initial encounter.
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V91.07xD Burn due to water-skis on fire, subsequent encounter I did not know water skis can catch on fire. Presumably, somebody's water skis did catch on fire, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

ICD-10, also known as the International Classification of Diseases version 10, is an international medical code system that describes roughly 76,000 diseases, symptoms, abnormal findings, and external causes of injury.

Struck by Orca is a book of 72 pages of art inspired by the most important ICD-10 codes. Artists include healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and professional artists.
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"Hunting rifle discharge" makes it sound like it leaked on somebody.
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Hmm... some of these are not that wierd.
Y93.D1 Activity, knitting and crocheting
Repetitive stress injury from crocheting is a definite thing.
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My guess is practical special effects accident.
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America is naturally stuck on the old version, ICD-9. The country was due to upgrade in October for real this time and it was blocked by lobbying groups via Congress. No that is not a software metaphor joke but TBH it was a bad year to slip it in at the end due to meaningful use attestation, where doctors use ninety days or a full year's worth of data depending on their stage in the multi year process to attest for meaningful use subsidies to offset the cost of EHR technology and prevent them from incurring gradual reimbursement penalties from the center for Medicare and Medicaid services. I knew about V codes and E codes but didn't know they got into this level of detail..at least in ICD-10. SNOMED is yet more versatile and fantastic in that codes representing clinical terms can be chained together, and it goes beyond just diagnoses. You can do some sweet mad libs with it
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To clarify, it's not a hypothetical software metaphor joke, we really are a version behind in the US. Meaningful use is not mutually exclusive, but medical practices procrastinate and have to change many of their processes,, so a good chunk of the private practice medical community is biting its knuckles about meeting a bunch of percentages for things like prescribing meds electronically that are all reasonable but challenging for latecomers, and the targets are often missed until the last possible quarter in the year. Those who started early are now at stage two and it's like starting over again. Back to your regularly scheduled orcas.
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Presumably, somebody's water skis did catch on fire, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

Luckily (or boringly, depending on your perspective), that's not how the codes work. The range V90-V94 is used for water transport accidents, V91 means "injury due to accident to watercraft", the next digit is what kind of injury (burn, crush, fall, etc) and the next after that is the type of watercraft involved (merchant ship, fishing boat, inflatable craft, etc).

When you spell out all combinations you can create by stringing together a series of symbols, some combinations will make less sense than others, but that's how grammars work.
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Struck by duck.
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effbot, is there some way to easily play around with the codes to generate hilarious results?
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The "obamacare" tag on this post is incorrect, despite ICD-10 being reported as part of Obamacare by Fox News (complete with "flaming water skis" reference). As aydeejones wrote above, the US is lagging behind most of the world in the adoption of ICD-10. Other countries switched from ICD-9 to -10 twenty years ago!

The US government (CMS) proposed the adoption of ICD-10 during the Bush administration. The conservative American Medical Association has repeatedly led efforts to postpone it.
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My favorite.
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"......Strictly speaking that code is invalid unless paired with some thing like a Y asterisk code",

but hey mrs burr maintains clinical coders ain't pedantic :)
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creade: My favorite

I like how its got the XD emoticon tacked to the end, as if to say "They did what?? LOL!"
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Exposure to sunlight.
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Electrocuted by guitar?
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spitbull, if you'd ever muted your strings with your fret hand and grabbed the mic with the other while one or the other of the metal and electrified objects you are touching is improperly grounded, you would not be wondering about that diagnosis.
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Electrocuted by guitar?

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The V, X, and Y codes aren't diagnosis codes in and of themselves, but are meant to explain the cause of injuries.

I can imagine water skies catching on fire, if you were being pulled behind a truck while skiing on pavement.

The World Health Organization is responsible for writing the ICD codes. They are taking comments on ICD11 until 2017. It's not outside the realm of possibility that the US doesn't adopt ten until after eleven comes out.
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Useful clarification about "subsequent encounter".
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Someone I know works with medical billing. I'm unclear if the codes he references are ICD-9 or some other system (he works with insurance billing), but they definitely lead to some similarly strange combinations.
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