The benevolent alien invasion/hyperdriven arcade sounds of Oorutaichi.
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Oorutaichi, an electronic musician from Osaka, “makes drifter music, strung through with expert percussion and electric rays, flowing on a river of magical chants, inspired loops and choruses written in an invented language, undiscovered country left and right.” Oorutaichi has several really, really good animated music videos.

Yori Yoyo, his first album, was released in 2003. Highlights include “Beshaby” and “Yori Yoyo.”

In 2005, he released the “Misen Gymnastics” EP in the UK. The title track is the first link above the fold. The EP includes a remix by the Idjut Boys.

His 2007 album, Drifting My Folklore, is mostly a reissue of Yori Yoyo, but includes some new tracks like “Hamihadarigeri.” The song extensively samples Moondog's “Symphonique #1,” if it sounds familiar. The video is Oorutaichi's most popular.

In 2010, he came out with the “Futurelina” single, which includes the track in the last link above the fold and this gorgeous tune.

2011's Cosmic Coco Singing For a Billion Imu's Hearty Pi is slightly more conventional pop album, but with plenty of zest and inventive arranging. For instance, take “Sononi” and “Shiny Foot Square Dance.”

In 2012, he soundtracked the anime short film "Kick-Heart." Clip.

His 2013 album contains remixes he did for others. Here's his remix of I Am Robot and Proud's “Making a Case For Magic.”

Oorutaichi released "Flower of Life," a new EP, two weeks ago. It includes tracks “Beauty Step” and “Flower of Life.”

Here's an interview/concert footage with English subtitles and another video interview. Interview. Another interview. Another interview. Free Music Archive write-up with links to other Osaka bands.

Both Drifting My Folklore and Cosmic Coco are available in full on his Soundcloud, along with several other tracks.

Oorutaichi plays in several other bands and collaborates frequently. His primary other band is Urichipangoon, whose fantastic video celebrating fertility is made by Sojiro Kamitani, the director of the “Futurelina,” “Beshaby,” and “Hamihadarigeri” videos. Another awesome Urichipangoon video.
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You won me at the breakdancing blemmye.
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Lionel in the Sky with Mermaids.
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misen gymnastics is the anthem
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I discovered this guy when someone posted some videos here from his old group, Obakejaa. It took a bit of work tracking down their CD back then and I wound up getting through to what I think was his personal email. He was kinda surprised someone was ordering his CD from Canada and wondered how if heard of him. (I sent him back a link to the post on metafiter).
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