What sort of salesman can't sell TV ad during the Super Bowl?
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What sort of salesman can't sell TV ad during the Super Bowl? Even after taking a 25% discoount off the $2 million 30-second spots from last year's game, FOX is still having troubles getting advertisers. See what happens when you cool off the economy, Mr. Greenspan?
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They're lucky they sold a thing, prices of ads after the first half are going to drop like George W. at a pretzel plant with the lapsided super bowl at hand.
posted by Eric Lloyd NYC at 4:20 PM on January 23, 2002

> See what happens when you cool off the economy, Mr.
> Greenspan?

Can't find sponsors for the Super Bowl? My Ghod, it could mean no more Super Bowl! And no more Fox! And maybe no more dimbulb pro football! Maybe no more dimbulb pro sports entirely! No more dimbulb pro jock wannabees! No more jerks wearing $200 athletic shoes on the street! No more WWF! No more The Rock! No more remakes of The Mummy! You go, Al!
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what? you mean there's a lack of internet start-ups with loads of cash to burn on really expensive ads and poorly planned product launches? is the e.commerce gold rush really over? where's my pets.com sock puppet!
posted by mb01 at 4:47 PM on January 23, 2002

tv sucks. sport sucks. advertising sucks. what's to sell?
posted by quonsar at 5:30 PM on January 23, 2002

being bitter sucks
posted by Mick at 5:39 PM on January 23, 2002

What are you talking about? A recession causes companies to be more conservative with their money and especially their advertising budget? You must be fucking kidding!!!!
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>See what happens when you cool off the economy, Mr. Greenspan?

So you would prefer the fed (40 year low ) to keep droping intrest rates to further the illusion that America is doing everything right and saving the world? It would only make this recession we ( in Canada ) are in a bigger disaster.

Way to go USA! Ride that BOOM to the top and come down like you did after your Fat Frat Coke dealer days of the Eighties. This way none of the pretenders in the "NEW ECONOMY" will be found out and can come around in their webvan the next time round, cause everyone went bust in the recession of '01, remember?

And concerning the ADs? All we see are united buy and sell furniture warehouse ads in Canada. I am hoping to watch it on satellite to catch the new ads, usually the best part of the Super Blow Out anyway.

Bitter, a bit I suppose, though beyond my control. But the Yanks are getting what they voted ( and declined to vote [50% people vote?]) for.

Unfortunately The American Dream of controlling their world like a fast food franchise is something we have to be patient with. Maybe the ass kicking they are taking down South from this recession (that started well before 9/11)will break the Country out of this fantasy planet they think they can create.

I know we are practically Americans here in Canada, but shouldn't we consider why so many cultures hate our guts? Could part of it be the capital that your run of the mill asshole can get cheaply allows them to go and mess up other Countries/Cultures in the World to turn a buck, further over heating the economy?

I am getting into broken record territory here, without offering a solution, and using a lot of 'theys'. Appologize for pissing anyone off, but the truth hurts. Oh yeah, here's to Spuds Mackenzie. 
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I'm sure Mr. Greenspan is all broken up about the sports division revenue at Fox, who should of course be selling their commodity (advertising time) for a price the market is willing to bear. That price will rise and fall over time; it is not something that the chairman of the Fed is specifically responsible for. Greenspan, of course, did not "cool off" the economy; he did everything he could to prevent it from "overheating" (in ye CNBC vernacular). An inflationary stock bubble economy is more damaging in the long run than a mild, corrective recession.

We're still doing quite well by historical standards. I'm old enough to remember the structural recession of the 1970s that seemed never to leave.
posted by dhartung at 8:49 AM on January 24, 2002

Thus far, Fox has charged advertisers as little as $1.5 million per 30-second spot, compared with the $2 million Viacom’s CBS was pulling in for some commercials for last year’s game.

what? you mean there is a $500,000 differential between the most expensive spots last year and the cheapest spots this year? oh my, dimbulb pro sports are doomed.

or maybe msnbc is comparing apples to oranges because they've got a buttload of olympics spots to sell.
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