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101 Useful Websites is "a frequently updated list of lesser-known but wonderful websites and cool web apps. Here are some of the most useful websites on the internet that you may not know about. These web sites, well most of them, solve at least one problem really well and they all have simple web addresses (URLs) that you can memorize thus saving you a trip to Google."

101 Useful Websites is part of the Digital Inspiration blog, which also features a collection of how-to guides and software tutorials & is written by Amit Agarwal: "Some of his other tech projects include Zero Dollar Movies, Sleeping Time, Hundred Zeros, Podcast Gallery, Tall Tweets, RSS Search, HTML Mail, Online Dictation and the AdSense Sandbox."

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built with dot com, from the first link, looks like it might help me understand a central frustration with/mystery of the Internet. Little Snitch shows that some webpages cause your computer to contact upwards of 50 servers. Why on earth is the computer contacting 50 servers when you just want to read a blog entry? built with is potentially an important tool for uncovering what these websites are actually doing. From a software point of view, this should be a big help understanding the landscape of Web technologies: how they are put together to make a whole website and how popular different options are. I look forward to spending time with this tool.
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This is going to be very handy. Thanks!
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Why on earth is the computer contacting 50 servers when you just want to read a blog entry?

Sadly, a webpage is more than just HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and images, now it has to include a whole marketing ecosystem. Depending on the ad platform and how fond the marketing folks are of retargeting, one single JavaScript include can launch dozens of other trackers. Ghostery is really great for trimming out a lot of this.

Missing from this list: - List of coffee places that are great places to work (Portland focused at the moment, more cities coming soon) - what IP address are you coming from? - IE6 countdown - what's the support for the CSS/HTML thing I want to use? - for use after looking at caniuse
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99. – hire people to do little things for $5.

I bet nobody ever helped someone escape from a room without a doorknob on fiverr.

Call me bitter. but the $5 bucks thing felt like a light slap in the face.
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Why bother looking for great coffee places to work when you can bring the coffeehouse to you!
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jeremias's link has autoplaying audio.
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jeremias's link has autoplaying audio.

Oops, yeah, should have mentioned that. It's soothing autoplay at least!
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Oh, flex, how delightful! No reflection on my friends--they're wonderful and some are even librarians--but none ever gave me anything as nice and useful as this. What lists! Thank you.
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There should be some kind of directory of good websites - why did no-one ever think of that?
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My test of any speech recognition software is to recite a verse or two of Busta Rhymes to it. This site performed better than most, and it's nice to have in-browser support for speech rec, but we still have a ways to go.

All my people getting money capitalize
guy little small guy we on the rise
everything my people touch platinum ice
fully equipped you know we come with office supplies
gotta be gone and I'm a show you the size
you f*** with any of my Flipmode family ties
IMDB coming to stop in you out
killing of any and everything you talking about
deer in the club now we walking the pot
rice for you when they open your mouth
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Great list, but I prefer World Time Buddy for understanding what time it is (or will be) elsewhere in the world, when my brain is a bit sluggish. Instead of seeing all the timezones at once, you can view a few together.
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MetaFilter: fully equipped you know we come with office supplies.
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What a post!
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Also missing, this route optimizer

It will let you copy/paste addresses from a list, has options for walking or biking routes, avoid highways or toll roads, and can export the list to a TomTom or Garmin GPS (or anything compatible with those), as well as a couple options for a text list.

My SO and I use it to plan our route when we go to garage sales on Weekends during the spring and summer.
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By weird coincidence I ran across this site today. Opposite word will find a word with the diametrically opposed meaning to the one you search for. For instance: search for "total" and get "incomplete". Or, search for "interlocutor" and get "listener". I find this oddly satisfying.
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Incredible list. It always amazes me how many great websites exist that I've never even heard of!
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