Touching the Art
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Touching the Art "Ovation’s newest digital series tackles the contemporary art world’s least favorite subject – art. Host Casey Jane Ellison asks her panel of insiders all the dumb questions, so you don’t have to."

"Contemporary art is having a breakthrough moment, thanks in part to recent celebrity cross-overs (Lady Gaga, James Franco, Jay-Z), ubiquitous fashion collaborations and record-setting auction returns. So why is it still so difficult to talk about? Comedian and artist Casey Jane Ellison wades into this conversational quagmire in the pilot for Ovation’s new original web talk show, Touching the Art.

"As host, Casey’s blunt, reductive line of questioning takes aim at the barriers between the uninitiated viewer and the contemporary art world, and the show creates a platform for her panel of art world professionals to demystify, in their own words, the most fundamental issues surrounding art and its place in broader society. And as a meta critique of the perceived gender imbalance of panel shows, all the show’s guests will be female.
Discussion topics range from art and celebrity to gender politics to the art market. Future episodes will coincide with and cover timely topics and events such as Miami Basel, The Armory Show, etc."
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Previously, with Case Case.

"This like guy in my building, like tried to sexually harass me, and then I asked him out, and he was like 'What??'"

Something about her Valley Girl meets goth meets biological-woman-doing-drag is endlessly entertaining. Her vocal fry is unmatched. Not sure why she's not on SNL yet.
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"If we could get Matthew Barney to birth Franco out of the vagina of Warhol..."

Oh God this would be amazing why is this a joke.
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Hmmm. I watched the first segment and liked all four females except the annoying one who talked all the time and knew the least about art.
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I came in a little dubious, but that was some funny, funny stuff.
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