Transformers: The Premake
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"What role then does the amateur image-maker play in a pre-made consumer reality? If people are allowed to make their own versions of Transformers, will they be able to veer from that script, or will they just feed the corporate giant?" Renowned video essayist Kevin B. Lee's latest work, Transformers: The Premake, uses amateur behind-the-scenes footage found on Youtube to investigate the phenomenon of the contemporary global blockbuster. posted by Awkward Philip (2 comments total) 5 users marked this as a favorite
I just watched Transformers 4 last weekend, and I'd have to say, I'd enjoy Lee's pieces on the film much, much more if I didn't dislike the movie so much.

My review in 3 lines or less: [spoiler-free-ish]

The humans were more indestructible than the robots. The first hour was unnecessary and the movie lasted 3 hours. The Fake Transformers began indestructible then became useless. None of the characters had real motives.
posted by bbqturtle at 11:28 AM on July 21, 2014

i'm actually a bit sad, because i was hoping this would be about a prequel written and directed by competent people. i would totally watch the transformers equivalent of rise of the planet of the apes.
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