We use tortoise diplomacy ... like the Chinese use panda diplomacy
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"...With China’s growing economic weight, disposable income and willingness to engage internationally, its ability to radically transform the fortunes of small countries has seen many governments re-orientate their diplomatic endeavors away from traditional bases in the West.
"But with so few resources available to them, and so little political capital to bank on, these lonely diplomats face a struggle against limited budgets as they scrap for crumbs from the giant’s table."
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I enjoyed this article a lot.

On a side note, I was intrigued by the mention of ‘diplomatic compounds’. The whole idea seemed so alien to me until I remembered hearing someone reminisce about European diplomats in Beijing in the 1980s, who were bored out of their skulls to the point of organising quasi-nightly pyjama parties (it reportedly didn't help).
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Not loading for me.
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